Thursday, March 19, 2009

Biology ~ The cell organization in multicellular organism


Cell -> Tissue -> Organ-> System -> Organism

Cell = The basic unit of life
Tissue = A group of cells that perform same function
Organ = Made up from several types of tissues & perform specialized function
System = Consist several types of organ
Multicellular organism = From systems that work together

Example of skin as an organ (explanation may worth 10 marks for essay)
~> Characteristic
- Largest organ cover the entire body
- Composed two layers, dermis & epidermis
- Consist various types of tissue such as epithelial tissue, nerve tissue, smooth muscle tissue and connective tissue

~> Function
-Barrier against infections
-Prevent water loss
-Prevent physical trauma

~ Epithelial tissue function as basal layer that undergo continuous cell division
~ Smooth muscle tissue attach to hair follicle as hair erector muscle
~ Sensory nerve ending tissue as eceptor that detect stimuli and send impulse to other part of nervous system
~ Connective tissue such as blood to supply oxygen and nutrient to the cells. Then adipose- stores energy + insulate the body

For system in human, there are about 11 systems and all of those systems have been learned in science subject during form 3. For all of the systems, we need to know the basic function and the organs that made it up. Lets we named all of it:
1. Nervous system
2. Circulatory system
3. Skeletal system
4. Digestive system
5. Respiratory system
6. Reproduction system
7. Excretory system
8. Lymphatic system
9. Muscular system
10. Intergumentary system
11. Endocrine system


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